Since it's inception in 2016, Hudson Freight has witnessed an extraordinary journey of growth and transformation. From its humble beginnings as a small startup, it has flourished into a formidable freight brokerage agency, boasting a commendable seven-figure turnover. This remarkable evolution can be attributed to the dedication and efforts of the skilled Hudson team - a collective of seasoned professionals with wide-ranging expertise in logistics management, warehousing operations, owner-operator experiences, and customer service.

The Hudson team is more than just a group of individuals working together; they are the dynamo that propels Hudson Freight to higher echelons of success. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, their dedication to quality, and their shared passion for continuous improvement have cemented Hudson Freight's standing as a trusted and reliable entity in the logistics industry. This zeal for progress has not only catalyzed the company's consistent expansion since its early days, but it has also charted a path for future growth and success.

The collective experience and expertise of the Hudson team have been instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of the freight industry, ensuring that Hudson Freight's customers are always provided with the most efficient and effective transportation solutions. The ethos of Hudson Freight lies in their deep-seated belief in treating every customer and partner with the utmost care and attention. This customer-centric approach, coupled with their drive for innovation, has fueled the company's steady growth and transformation.

With a legacy of accomplishments under their belt, the Hudson team doesn't rest on their laurels. Instead, they remain steadfast in their commitment to uphold their high standards, push the boundaries of their capabilities, and foster the company's continual growth. In the competitive arena of logistics, Hudson Freight has established itself as a trendsetter, consistently raising the bar for excellence and progress. This journey from a fledgling startup to a leading freight brokerage agency has been nothing short of extraordinary, and the Hudson Freight team takes great pride in their achievements while looking forward to the promising prospects that lie ahead.


Hudson Freight is a comprehensive non-asset-based freight broker agency that specializes in handling time-sensitive shipments. Our team of logistics experts is committed to delivering customers' freight promptly and securely, ensuring that goods are properly handled and transported with care.

With a lean core team and a robust network of trusted business partners across multiple regions, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to shippers throughout the United States and Canada. Our extensive carrier network has been carefully screened and vetted for reliable and efficient load transportation.

At Hudson Freight, we value our relationships with carriers, shippers, and receivers alike. We are committed to delivering service of the highest quality and integrity while cultivating long-lasting partnerships.


Te-a Hudson


Teajuanna Hudson, known as Te-a, is the proud owner of Hudson Freight and a mother of four wonderful children. Born in Chattanooga, TN, and calling Atlanta, GA home for over 20 years, Te-a has built a life and career around her passions. With a background in customer service, mortgage, collections, consulting, tax preparation, and logistics, she has found her calling in the freight industry, where her leap of faith has transformed into a successful business venture.

Te-a's journey in the logistics sector began with her diverse work experiences, which seemed to prepare her for an industry she never knew would become her lifeline. Although she initially disliked sales, she eventually found love for it as it became an integral part of her life. Today, she relishes the opportunity to connect with people, forge friendships, and offer her help, rather than trying to sell her services. With her natural ability to build relationships and a strong work ethic, she has gained the trust of those who choose to work with her.

Hudson Freight, Te-a's fifth "baby," has become a testament to her dedication and commitment to excellence. The company upholds high standards and prioritizes building long-lasting relationships with both customers and carriers. This journey has been a major blessing and life-changing experience for Te-a, who only wishes she had discovered her passion for the freight industry sooner.

As a mother, entrepreneur, and industry professional, Te-a Hudson has made a name for herself as a hardworking and dedicated individual. Alongside her husband, she has grown Hudson Freight into a thriving logistics company and created the TruckN 2 Profit mentorship program to share their success with others. Combining her unique mix of perspectives and experiences, Te-a is a true embodiment of resilience and determination, paving the way for future growth and innovation in the logistics industry.

Devan Hudson


A devoted father and husband, as well as a visionary leader and industry expert, Devan has triumphed over numerous challenges to create a flourishing freight agency that now sets the pace in the logistics sector. Combining resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Devan has transformed his humble beginnings into a legacy of innovation and achievement.

Devan's entrepreneurial journey was marked by hardships and obstacles, but these experiences only fueled his drive to revolutionize the logistics industry. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, Devan has built a freight agency that not only excels in client satisfaction but also pioneers new standards in the field.

As an industry leader, Devan has a proven track record of driving growth and fostering meaningful relationships with clients, partners, and employees alike. His deep understanding of the logistics landscape has allowed him to navigate complex challenges and create lasting solutions for the agency's (Hudson Freight’s) clients.

Today, Devan is widely recognized as an authoritative voice in the logistics sector, sharing insights and expertise through speaking engagements, articles, and mentorship programs. By continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Devan is making major waves in the industry and inspiring a new generation of logistics professionals to follow in his footsteps.


Ana Chawan

Account Manager/Carrier Sales

Born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines, Ana pursued a two-year Associate degree in Computer Technology. As an Executive Virtual Assistant and Carrier Sales Support professional, she has also spent four years in customer service roles, catering to travel agencies and e-commerce companies that serve both sellers and buyers. Ana is passionate about helping small businesses thrive by managing administrative tasks, ensuring seamless communication, and maintaining efficient workflows. Her goal is to simplify your life.

Ana is an avid reader of novels and enjoys watching movies in her spare time. Listening to music is another one of her hobbies. She values spending weekends with her family, as they provide her with the strength and motivation to keep pushing forward.

Laarni Borje

Carrier Sales

Laarni, born in 1984 in Tacloban, Leyte, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication. She has experience working as an Admin, where she excelled in managing inbound and outbound calls while addressing customer inquiries and assisting with their concerns. Laarni's expertise spans across helping customers book cruises, flights, hotels, and car rentals through email and chat.

In her leisure time, Laarni loves watching movies, playing with her youngest child, and visiting parks with her family. A true team player, she values sharing thoughts and ideas, believing that collaboration is the key to building a successful team and business. However, Laarni is also capable of working independently when needed.


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